Thursday, November 16, 2006

More Lazy Insomniac Link Sharing

I received a disaster survival kit as a gift. It's got to be the most depressing gift ever. It comes in a canvas carry-on bag, has about 15 foil packets of drinking water, a flashlight, can opener, energy bars and first aid kit. I can just imagine fleeing the city with the thing and looking over and seeing twenty other yuppies with Eddie Bauer survival/disaster kits slung over their shoulders and hating on them and myself.

So I don't often talk about politics. But if the Democrats really hire this Murtha character as their majority leader, I'm going to be entertained for the next few years. For a Marine, he sure knows how to dig a foxhole. First he calls Nancy Pelosi's quest for "ethics reform" "total crap" and then in order to explain himself out of this quandry, he says that it's "total crap" in the context of there's more important shit to be worried about. Either way, he just laid a load of "total crap" in his boss's mouth. I'm sure she's happily chewing away right now.

Hey! Let's make old kids cartoons REALLY boring. On the other hand, someone FINALLY discovered a good use for YouTube. Also Office Space reimagined as a Slasher movie.

Paris music blogger gets pwned by Elysian Fieldster Oren:

We waited a little bit but Oren didn’t come back… with or without Michelle! So, we never met Michelle.

In fact, he thought that we were kind of dull people because he was talking about Me’shell NdegeOcello and that we had no idea who she is.
They should have it so bad out there in Paris, it sucks to be a bigtime music blogger this week - getting spit on while yer hanging out with Ted Leeeeeeo, getting blog-miliated for your cupidity and stupidity - man, you guys suffer for your art.

Straight-to-DVD Steven Seagal is the new Ed Wood. Link. Discuss.

I can't get enough of Roland Woodbe. Hands down, he's the best music writer around these days. You wish I had only a tiny fraction of his talent and imagination so I wouldn't be sitting here in my boxers linking to other people's blogs but writing shit myself.

I wasn't going to do the whole "Seal of Approval" thing but if I did Kwaya Na Kisser's Cash-Dylan thing including Memphis Skyline outtakes and three Dylan-Cash on Johnny Cash's TV Show -- although fair warning these are 32 kbps mp3s so it's like listening to your old TV or AM radio.

Kisser also has rare radio-recorded shit from that ranges from Thin Lizzy to Sonic Youth.

Finally, the new Nick Cave (Grinderman) song sounds like The Fall, softened around the edges, with, well, Nick Cave singing instead of Mark E. Smith - hear it here. Nice guitar and ensemble work, though. Nick, you are trying too hard - let the audience come to you.

SAVED ROUND: Riff on the whole Ott-Decemberists thing: "I'm happy somebody jumped on this grenade of sorts and played the unabashed Decemberist basher. Too much artificial "getting it" these days, too much figuring thing X out and moving on to thing Y, not enough dialogue about whether we actually like the stuff to begin with."

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