Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Early AM walk

630AM. Temperature in high 70's, medium to high humidity. Stretching my legs in the morning to aid in recovery. At the corner of G and 24th, I see a homeless guy covered in a black blanket with white dots with a big ugly foot sticking out into the sidewalk. Minus the foot, he has the perfect camoflauge for a 30's-40's B&W film noir. About the third block my legs start aching and the brow starts sweating so I turn around and limp home.

Listening to the Bowerbirds CD in my car. First time through, you hear all the things wrong with it. The samey folkness, the trembling vocals, the pastoral lyrics, etc.

Second time through you hear all that's right with it. The occasional surprise chord in "Hooves" (see this Ohmpark post for an MP3), the accordian "hook" in "In Our Talons" (see Yellow Stereo), the drum arrangements and so forth. I'm not saying this is the best LP of 2008 but if you like this sort of folk-pop, harmonies and acoustic music, it's worth checking in on. I got mine via Forced Exposure.

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