Friday, July 25, 2008

Walkers and Spectacles Preview

Last night was our first "show" although it's not really. Let me explain. One of the traditions of Little Theatre is that they host a "preview" show before opening weekend for the senior citizens in the community. They make for a great audience by the way although we occasionally get random yelps from the audience. They laugh at things we never thought were that funny such as Ben Franklin's corny jokes and proverbs and they cheered the part where Franklin said Virginians are a kind and loving people (or something like that) when Franklin is defending the over-the-top Richard Henry Lee to Adams.

Tonight is the "benefit" preview where a local charity does some fundraising, speechifying, etc. The charity du jour is the 9/11 Memorial folks.

Had Dinner a Trattoria da Franco, a Northern I-Tie place near the theater. The owners basically live in this converted row house and love talking and talking and talking so it's a great place to go if you are alone. Had the sole special with a lemony sauce and steamed veggies plus three glasses of wine and a rum / tia maria Cappuccino confection that made for a nice post-dinner buzz.

Don't tell the conductor but there's something to be said about a little bit of alcohol helping a musician's performance. It loosens you up a bit and gets rid of the jitters. I'm no alchoholic -- first drink I had since Sunday. Too much alcohol before a show is bad and often the effects wear off by intermission and you're all groggy. That's where the cappuccino (and a can of Coke) help.

Weather continues to be so very fine here in DC. Had a great walk - listened to Banhart's "Seahorse" several times again - awesome headphone song - and went down by the river to watch the sun rise and the rowers row.

The effects of a monster thunderstorm a two nights ago appear to have cleared out the July humidity, at least for now.

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