Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shows I'm Playing

I'm also getting back into playing. I'm subbing for the drummer in Man of La Mancha in two weeks and I start 1776 this weekend (I won't be playing next weekend but all the other shows are mine). In case you don't already know, I'm a drummer -- both shows are great for snare drum work.

La Mancha is a great primer in odd signatures and Spanish rhythms while 1776 is a marching drum workout. There's also a Latin-tinged piece in '76 believe it or not -- I'm playing my bongo set there -- the song about the slavery debate during the Declaration of Independence.

I know people may question my manhood but my eyes always well up during this song. For that matter, if I was in the audience I'd probably bawl like a bitch during Alonso Quixano's death. Both the relationships between Abigail Adams and John Adams as well as the friendship "until the end" between Sancho Panzo and Don Quixote are inspiring.

wow, two posts in an hour... guess I'm getting caught up. Thanks for the inquiries.

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