Sunday, July 27, 2008

Great Job! Awesome Show is back

Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job is back for a third season tonight. If you have a DVR now is the time to set. If not, drink some caffienated beverages.

The New York Times, of all places, gave them a big lovely wet kiss of an article in today's paper. There's a quote there from their mentor, Bob Odenkirk that mirrored exactly what I was thinking. Odenkirk says, "that they aren’t being influenced by anybody. They’re in their own little world, and that’s why they’ve gotten good at this." What I was thinking was there are absolutely no reference points at all in this show. In a way, they are like Tod Browning's Freaks movie -- it's a horror film that made its own rules, its own horror with no history or checkpoints. Maybe that's what makes them so funny.

They aren't parodying anything, they aren't making cool little name drops. In fact, they aren't cool at all. Says Eric (or "Mr. Warheim" as the Times calls him):

“There’s nothing less funny than someone who looks cool,” Mr. Wareheim explained. “There’s nothing more unappealing.”
This is exactly my problem with both Indie Rock and the presumed Democratic nominee for President.

Some other factoids from the article - John C. Reilly's Dr. Steven Brule is getting his own spinoff:

The Brule character has proved so popular that he is being given his own six-episode spin-off show, tentatively titled “Check It Out!,” starring Mr. Reilly and produced by Mr. Wareheim and Mr. Heidecker. “So much happens in a day of him improvising and us throwing stuff at him that you want to use it all,” Mr. Heidecker said of Mr. Reilly.

And even more welcome:

Mr. Wareheim and Mr. Heidecker are also developing a game show for Adult Swim that would star the comedian Neil Hamburger. Mr. Wareheim described it as “a mixture of a Japanese bizarre game show and ‘The Price Is Right.’ ”
These two strike me as a perfect match for Hamburger.

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