Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fish and Chips

No walk this morning -- the rehearsal from last night had me totally wasted the next morning. Had dinner at the Union Street Public House -- what is it about some dishes where you have them it's like the best meal you've ever had and the next time you go it's no comparison. Was the chef just hot that night? It's a pretty mundane dish -- fish and chips -- but when I had it there several months ago, it melted in the mouth. Last night the fish was kind of spongey -- and too hot -- and the breading was just bleh. Even the Yuengling lager had a funny after-taste. Is it me -- were my endopmorphins high the first night?

I'm sitting there at the bar and this guy sits next to me. He's got those ice blue eyes, great build - one of those guys that if I were gay, I'd be buying drinks for. He acts kind of weird though and about 20 minutes later I glance over and notice that he's sketching me on a napkin. Not sure what to do in these situations so I started straightening up and pulling my "regal lion look" (this is what my lady friend calls it) so at least he doesn't make me look bad.

Rehearsal went okay. Some of the singers still aren't on point. The guy playing John Adams is in a classic rock cover band. I've seen him around. Well at least he didn't have to wear a ponytail wig. Our Ben Franklin really looks the part (although was Franklin really that fat?) but the Richard Henry Lee needs elevator shoes.

At work today -- have to do a "lecture" to some scientists at noon. Bleh...

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