Thursday, December 30, 2004

Awww.... Mp3 bloggers get some end-of-year love...

Jimmy Aquino writes in SF Bay Area's Metroactive: COMMERCIAL RADIO DJs can't be trusted anymore—ever since they let themselves become the palm-greasing promoter's bitch. So in 2004, the music geek nation turned its lonely eyes to the MP3 bloggers—those self-important desktop DJs who push music snobbery to its geekiest by putting streaming MP3s on their site. As a result, '04 was the year I bought more singles than albums. I love how iTunes gives you the option of buying individual songs rather than the whole kit and caboodle. Good lookin' out, iTunes!

Read the entire piece here - Movie soundtrack fans take note: Jimmy's Fistful of Soundtracks webcast is carried via (also available via iTunes radio button)

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