Thursday, December 30, 2004

Sam Kinison
Louder Than Hell
WG, 1986

To shake myself out of that certain Christmas sentimentality, I pulled this tape out of the pile.

So to perhaps get you over that Christmas sugar-ridden malaise, here's a dose of political incorrectness from the late Sam Kinison, the most hated and loved comedian of our time.

No topic - Jesus, World Hunger and the Tate-Bianca murders - was beyond Kinison's acid anquish. Although Side 1 is way too personal (and hateful) to be funny, Side 2 is a keeper.

"I'm glad you fuckers can handle your high"...

"Manson" - Sam Kinison


R. Piggy said...

*SHAKE* *SHAKE* SNAP OUT OF IT! I'm always happy to shake somebody out of something. *SLAP* *SHAKE* *SHAKE*

Jim H said...

Stop, I'm getting Shaken White Middle-Aged Male Syndrome. No wait, keep on shaking... mmmm... shaaaaaa-kinggggg.