Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The first minutemen drummer

I don't know if anyone noticed but, a minutemen live music archive (among other things), recently updated and is now offering the entire georgeless EP released by Forced Exposure about 10 years ago. It's from a 1980 recording and in MP3 and FLAC formats.


1. On the Front MP3 FLAC
2. Big Man Business MP3 FLAC
4. Studio of the Lawns MP3 FLAC
5. Joe McCarthy's Ghost MP3 FLAC

Liner notes included:

THE STORY OF THE FIRST MINUTEMEN DRUMMER: the reactionaries formed in dec. '78 with d.boon on guitar, mike watt on bass, george hurley on drums, and martin tamburovich on singing. they broke up in jun. 79. d.boon and mike watt started the minutemen themselves in jan. '80. george hurley had already joined new wave band hey taxi! so they asked welder and fellow homeboy frank tonche (TAWN-CHEE, just out of the polish eagle polka band) to play drums. in apr. - may '80 the minutemen played their first two gigs. greg ginn saw them and asked them to record for sst records. frank tonche became afraid of punk rock after the second gig and quit the band. and with only one month to go before recording. luckily, george hurley quit hey taxi! and rejoined boon & watt. the "paranoid time "ep (sst 002) was recorded july 20, 1980.

the songs on this record (except for "joe mccarthy's ghost") have never been released in any version until now. george hurley never learned them so only these frank tonche versions exist.

-- liner notes from the 7"

Photo from a 1984 show by Murray Bowles


Eric said...

I have thi sone buried somewhere. It will be nice to get a digital copy.

Many thanks, as always

Manny Unstoppable said...

do you know how or if i'd be able to even contact Frank Tonche the original drummer. The reason I ask is cause I have that same last name and geneaolgy searches lead no where and i am following leads, and I am also a avid hardcore fan and i barely found out his last name was Tonche.

Email: thelastchancediaries@HOTMAIL.COM

Christopher said...

I hadn't been to Corndogs in forever and didn't know this was up. And just today I thought to hunt down Georgeless... Thanks for letting me (us) know!