Thursday, December 23, 2004

Love is the Reason for the Season

Lo, a Rose
Here's hoping you're all snuggled up with your favorite people, animals and iPod and that the fire is roaring and life is good for you in this and the coming year.

"Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming" - Kathleen Battle (160 kbps, 4 Mb)

  • Historical notes on hymm
  • I do get a bit schmalzty and pseudo-religious around this time of the year but only this week, so forgive me
  • Mitigating coolness factor: Kathleen Battle is featured on the soundtrack to "House of Flying Daggers" (iTunes link) where she sings "Lovers (Title Song)" - made me stay in my seat during the credits.
  • Rose photo courtesy SeanHfoto on
  • I am 43 years on this planet as of 1:10 AM this morning - loo for updates in a couple days.


Eric said...

Jim... Happy Birthday to you, and Happy Holidays to boot!

R. Piggy said...

I am cold and hungry. And my Ipod is made out of little sticks and gum.

Jason said...

Happy birthday to a great fella!

Paul Irish said...

Beautiful stuff.
Thank you kindly.