Saturday, December 18, 2004

Coffee & Cigarettes Little Steven Mix 7

If you don't regularly check out
Little Steven's Underground Garage radio show, you're missing out not only on some of the greatest old and new garage-punk-classic-indie rock in the world but some entertaining monologues from Little Steven. I put it on and do my household chores.
Here's the playlist from the most recent show. Dig his spoken word birthday tribute to Old Blue Eyes in the beginning.

This Coffee and Cigarettes set is inspired by the Dec 12th show. If you've seen this before, I always try to throw one or two songs that doesn't entirely fit but sorta do anyway. I think you'll be able to quickly figure it out just by looking at the set.

Of the bands Steven played, I'm most interested in hearing more Tegan & Sara but maybe that's just the latent wimp in me - they seem to straddle the boundaries from garage rock into, well I'm not sure what, Cat Power-land? Guided By Voices? - they have a number of MP3s available for download - my only regrets are this is at 55 kbps - but it still sounds pretty good.

UPDATE: On second thought, I'm digging Highschool Sweethearts even more than T&S.

("Legal" unless otherwise noted)

"Chicks Dig" - Highschool Sweethearts** (Myspace site)
"Walking With A Ghost"* - Tegan & Sara**
"I Don't Believe" - Reigning Sound**
"The Last Time"* - Grateful Dead (3/9/93 - Stones cover - legal? - archive)
"Why Don't We Talk About Something Else"* - Outrageous Cherry**
"Our Sensation" - Link

* Songs actually played on the show
** Bands played on the show


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Anonymous said...

I went back and pulled out some old Little Steven and his Disciples. It makes me wonder why since he favors garage rock so much and yet his band is basically white boy R&B-rock. He also played for Bruce who for all his merits as a songwriter and storyteller I can't only think of one or two songs that Bruce did that would fit on Steven's show -- and all those are covers!