Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Furniture hail out of the burgeoning English speaking Malay-Chinese indie scene. They were formerly known as R.U.S.H. Their music tends towards longish explorations of the intersection of noise and pop. But they'd be right at home opening for bands like TV on the Radio and Deathcab for Cutie.

"I am Ying" - Furniture - meanwhile, in another universe, Postal Service and Can meets Dave Ball of Soft Cell in a huge abandonded warehouse and quietly jam into the midnight hours
"Please" - Furniture - remembers Galaxie 500 as a much louder band with a hornier synth and bells

("legal" downloads - the website streams these songs, I'm merely providing the source MP3)

Band website has links to other bands that are worth exploring. Here's their apparent label.

Relative to others, Malaysia did not suffer much (so far 60 reported dead) in the Christmas Tsunami but if you want to help out the affected countries or just get links to information about it, see SE Asia Earthquake and Tsunami blogspot.

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darkness said...

"Please" is pretty excellent. Thanks.