Tuesday, September 26, 2006


My periodic run around the other blogs, waving a shirt over my head and screaming, "Glurrgplff, mrrrrf!!!!"...

First of all, hats off to Slog for making me lose my dinner ... and lunch (a beautiful combo of Chinese microwave food and a shank steak salad with cucumber dressing). It made a lovely green,brown and white puddle. Slog has pictures from a recent "art" exhibit made out of cadavers of dead Chinese people. It's rilly controversial. Above is the skinned hide of a man. Apparently, if you go, you think deeeeep thoughts about, well, the "bald truths and andamant facts" of life and death. Picture above by Kelly O swiped from the Slog posting.

What else. Well, I don't really do the file-sharing thing except on Soulseek (and then I only share OOP crap) but it's funny when one of those "evil" file sharing companies goes and sues the recording industry right back. I'm sure they won't get anywhere but, hey, we can raise prices on CDs to pay for all of Sony's legal fees. Speaking of which, yet another study has found there is no apparent and provable link between decreased sales of records and file sharing. Finally, a new version of the TOR (anonymous) web browser is available in case you don't want the music industry trying to find out if you downloaded that awful Beach Boys - Beatles mash-up. Ok, you can wake up now.

And this isn't bloggy links but I love it when I find a mainstream newspaper story about an indie rock band that Large-Assed Boy hasn't linked by 6AM in his "shorties" spread. Explosions in the Sky in Washington Post. The Posties note their odd popularity of this instrumental band (I likes 'em, by the way):

At times, Explosions' members appear to be in a trance as they perform, and their fans mirrored this behavior last weekend, bobbing their heads in rhythm and throwing their arms above their heads in exaltation. But there were no air guitar players in the Austin crowd, and only a few attendees wove lighters around in the darkness.

The group may be on the cusp of a breakthrough: It will release its just-recorded album early next year, and major labels have started calling. But Explosions doesn't quite adhere to rock protocol, declining to play encores on the grounds that they deliver as much as they possibly can during a single, self-contained performance.

The other Will.i.am has an old video available at the best radio station in the world' s website. Speaking of free shit, put down the blog, I mean bong, and expand your mind.

Siltblog is back from a break, check it out if you want to go beyond Deerhoof in your noise-rock listening adventures. Some cool Kirby art that would be on my desktop if I was more of a geek.

Huh, I'm looking this over and seeing that I didn't link to any MP3 blogs for some cool songs. Hold on, let me look... nope, nothing of much worth lately. But I'm digging some songs from my new pal on Myspace, London Has Let Me Down, who is a sometime member of Maher Shahal Hash Baz and Yumbo. He describes his music as "melodies gone wrong." You can also download some live cuts (well, he only does live music) from his web page:

Choice cut: "the last song"

Late-breaking: news of a new Shellac record...

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