Friday, September 22, 2006

Love of Love of Diagrams

I'm happy to hear that Melbourne's Love of Diagrams has signed a deal to put out some albums stateside. I've been a fan since last year's "No Way Out" single. One of the few bands that makes me feel young again. Maybe it's as MataBlog says, "the teaming with late 70's/early '80's noise, punk and pop part"... and the best overlapping vacant male-female vocals, and the buzz-fuzz guitar... Bob Weston recording their new album sounds intriguing as well.

Here's "In The Red" from their We've Got Communication EP.

LoD's Aussie label Unstable Ape has plenty of other bands just waiting for some more world wide recognition. From the Unstable Ape sampler:

"Stand Up Bob Dylan, You're a Star" by No Through Road
"How It Goes" by Remake Remodel

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FR said...

Lucky enough to see them live in Amsterdam too - fell in love with the drummer too... and great music also...