Monday, September 25, 2006

LL Cool J vs. The Album Leaf

"You'll Rock(remix)" (from a Def Jam 12" and originally on Radio) meets "Always For You (Mp3 link to the original)" a semi-sappy electronica/dance tune from The Album Leaf's Into The Blue Again...

The original rap was one of Radio's worst tracks, I thought, so I stripped most of that junk off and just took some elements to enhance (or destroy) the Jimmy Lavelle's song which had a sort of slight hip hop feel and a similiar albeit faster beat to it. I had to speed up the Cool J song by about 20% so things would line up. This was easier than lining up to the Warlocks song, though, since the beats are easy to find on the screen.

OK, I'll stop now with the LL meets Indie but my re-up of LL meets The White Stripes made the Hype Machine's Most Popular Tracks for some reason.

"Always For You'll Rock" - LL Cool J vs. The Album Leaf

(all rights reserved to original artists; just for fun, etc. etc.).


Anonymous said...

No, don't stop! It was just becoming a Vinyl Mine tradition!

jon said...

i'm dying here. i NEED so badly the you'll rock remix and cannot find it ANYWHERE.

how you gonna provide a link to "always for you" and not "you'll rock remix"!!!!

at any rate. this isn't too bad. it's on beat :)


Jim H said...

I'm not tracking -- the link to the mash-up is working, right?

Do you mean the "You'll Rock Remix" as in the original LL Cool J jam from the 12"?

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes - - -leave an mp3 link pleeeaaassee!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatt is the sample used in "You'll Rock?" da da da dada. What record does that come from?

Jim H said...

Frisco Disco by Eastside Connection