Saturday, September 23, 2006

My Second Mash-up: LL Cool J vs. The Warlocks

In keeping with the Vinyl Mine tradition of LL Cool J meeting contemporary rock bands, here's the rapper and the psyche band that everyone seems to hate these days.

Oh, and there's a little Sonic Youth snippet at the end.

Yeah, it's a little raw in the beat alignment (hello, Warlocks drummer - ever hear of a click track?) but I'm only using Audicity and I think spending more than a few hours trying to get it perfect is, well, let's just say I don't need a life but some people might start thinking I do. I'm sure Darwin will come back and tell me how it sounds like a train wreck, lol...:

"We Need A Starpower Beat" - L.L. Cool J. vs. The Warlocks (guests: Sonic Youth)

and previously...

"Jack The Ripper's Thinking About the Doorbell" - L.L. Cool J. vs. The White Stripes

(If anyone wants to play with the Audicity project and fix my problem areas, drop me a line - if I get motivated, maybe I'll take another stab at it, too)

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Ducasse82 said...

These are great! You think you could post up "Canon"?