Monday, September 18, 2006

Vinyl Mine Hearts Fergie

Ha ha... not really but I got your attention, eh? And, yes, I can't stand John Mayer either. What's the diff afterall? And when did music become about people who can actually play their instruments, anyway? (smirk)

Anyway, some of the latest other blog-or-rhea of note.

Add some splice into your life. No, really, someone try this and see if it's worthwhile. Looks like it might be useful for doing something on an MP3 Blog, I dunno...

Best used record score story of the week, maybe year.

Solomon Burke does Ike Turner... and Dr. Frank and Kim Shattuck do Elton John and Kiki - throw away yer TV, the Internet just got good.

Even better, a program that boots MP3s from those pesky Myspace pages that only provide streaming music...

Funniest Only-Indie-Kids-Will-Get-It Story of the Week: Mistaking the poster for an actual handwritten and threatening note, the kid sent off this message in return:

JUST WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BITCH!? sending me a fucking piece of paper in big letters telling me you are gonna kick my ass, you’re not afraid of me????????? WELL HERE I AM DICKHEAD!
And for your downloading pleasure - Jamie's got the compleat 2002 Wire Peel Session

Photo stolen from Flickr - by someone who stole it from someone else (
Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

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Anonymous said...

god, i read that vlv thread in real time... unreal.