Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jack Rose: Tequila Sunrise

Jack Rose -- untitled (part 1)

Jack Rose put out this 7". ummmmm..... Or the label Tequila Sunrise put it out. It's kind of like those 60's albums that would have 40 minute jams in which you had to turn the side around to listen to the rest of it. Except it's a 7". This is all improvised and untitled amplified acoustic guitar that (IT dRAWS You IN) fills up both sides of your brain - the left and the right side and make an "impedance match" as some guy said in a meeting I had today. hE WAS REALLY TALKING ABOUT BANDWIDTH =-0 AS IN WHaT hAPPENS wHEn YOU pUT TWO DATA streams AT DIFFeren t RATES tiogehter INTO s the rOUTaeR AND THEN into a NETWORK OF A differeing BANDWIDHt RATE?!? but it was impedance mismatch!L:!@ dOES JUST 1/2 OF THE bandiwith GO THROUGH? wHAT HAPPENS TO THE REST FO THE Dat



Jack Rose -- untitled (part 2)

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this record (7") appears is almost OOP -- you can still buy it from tequila sunrise records...

jack rose discography and on vhfrecords.

Photo by Green Shock uploaded from Flickr under Creative Commons liscense

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