Friday, January 21, 2005

Colin Meloy show tonight

Well, I'm off to the Colin Meloy showm the hipster equivalent of going to church or Sabbath or whatever -- three hours early because I'm afeart that with Iota's first come first server policy and the popularity of what is essentially a guy with an acoustic guitar doing Morrissey covers that I might not get in. So, I'm not so much a big Decemberist fan but more interested in supporting someone traveling the country with slightly illegal vinyl (an EP of Morrissey covers) for sale.

I've put together a list of links from blogs that recently reviewed him at my clip shack, which I set up a few days ago to handle all my non-MP3 posts. Here's the main URL...

There's not alot of legal stuff online of The Decemberists, although the Kill Rock Stars label has two songs up that everyone in the world has alread linked to. In terms of Meloy, the dormant Phonophila (which was an excellent idea to capture sound and publish it) has a 2002 Portland show by Meloy here.

My favorite cut there is his acoustic version of "Sunshine", the 3rd most downloaded song at iTunes and while I like the song, I'm still not totally convinced this show is going to be that wild but hey others disagree. But they say we'll be snowed in tomorrow and I'm supposed to meet a gig buddy there anyway... cheers!

Post Show Update:

Pretty much what he said...

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matt said...

maybe you've seen this, but maybe not?
hope you had as good time at your show as i did the one in chicago.