Sunday, January 02, 2005

Lou Reed all'italiana!

bOOmsongs for Lou Reed

Welcome and grazie to The Ancient Art of MP3 Blogging, a new Italian music blog who linked to's Lou Reed tribute album, Boomsongs for Velvet (the Google translated link is here). You can download the entire album as a Zip file (192 kbps) or as separate files (they come in two different bit rate formats - 192 and 320 kbps).

There's a lot of good cuts here, only a few clunkers. I like tribute album songs that don't just do a cover but bring a bit of personality and insight into the song.

Some highlights: Check out Zen Circus' psychotic jam version of "The Gift" as a great example of doing a tribute that's out there. For more stoner songs, check out Encode's "All Tomorrow's Parties"... Cantu, Ciappini, Iriondo's "Black Angel's Death Song" is also a notable trippy cut.

Only one song is repeated twice and its a surprise that they're both pretty good: Sebastian's "Caroline Says" (stick with the song, it gets better), Studiodavoli's version of the "Caroline" is better, though...

However, I'll nominate Lorenzo Bianchi's Lorbi w/ Odette di Maio and their empyreal update on Lou and Nico's "I'll Be Your Mirror" as the best of the bunch - one of those rare tribute album cuts that bests the original. Perhaps its Nico's European connection that inspired it.

(All my links are to the 192 kbps versions - the web page has links to all the bands' websites)

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Anonymous said...

thank you digger. it's a honor being quoted in these pages. Musicboom is releasing every year an italian tribute to foreigner artists. The previous year it was the beatles, but the results were lower compared to the Lou Reed tribute. Keep rockin'!

lorbi said...

thank's a lot!