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Sonic Youth
SST, 1986

riotous/rightous mayhemmmm/hemmed in/LOCKGROOVELOCKGROOVE... "beating up underneath my flesh" there was the tousled-haired GEEK preacher (Gatsby/Burroughs/DADAlus/Crews) on the perch on the street in the dream - he says: 'our nature is to bring together good and evil in a single element' (Slingblade goes UMM-HMMM) and "tom violence is a dream coming out of a girl"... and this song nay almost this entier album - Feast of Snakes/Gospel Singer - let Hary Crews say it:
“I fear my world view is a terribly black, awful one,” Crews admitted in the 1972 interview. “I have only one thing to say to people. As soon as something pleasant and cheerful and confectionery occurs to me, I’ll write about it; but I can only write about whatever comes. And what has come so far has been a kind of blackness” (Getting Naked 31).
And so Tom Violence may be another name for Didymus (The doubting LARGE-A Apostole, A-hole Thomas who didn't wrote "suk for honesty" on his chest BUT WAS HONEST - and the others made him SUK for it through E-Ternity - worstapostleeveryeee...) and in the book the the the small-a-hole apostle kills the girl The Gospel Singer and he who writes in his "dream book" ... and tom violence is a dream coming out of a girl... and everything here is a messy dream, dry as a bone, plingingplucking...

...dreams of rock stars, dreams of sean, madonna and me, joan jett (WHO?) boon, and the green light, "the orgiastic future" that Burroughs warns/fortells standing on the pier looking at EAST EGG... he who is believing in that
"magical universe of unpredictable spontaneous alive -- a universe where anything is possible. A universe of many gods, often in conflict so the paradox of an all-knowing, all-powerful god, who nonetheless permits suffering, evil and death does not arise...."
Burroughs, friend of Lee, talked to him about Tangiers and all the fucked up things WSB did and Lee didn't do but can only make sounds about - car crashes... VAN crashes... ahead...

Suffering, we got suffering. Poor little Marilyn Moore, when she's not get pounded on the head by some shadowy Presidential thug or christ even St. Bobbby... then she's getting stalked by the Yorkshire Ripper - picked up on Leopold Street for heavens sake ... and yet, she survives - eight brutal blows to her head -- a fucking HOLE in her head, stuttering about, on the stroll still after it all, in Leeds weeks later - : - she-she-"she's talking of trances of truncheons in battle" Lydia, says it, yeah):

He asked her if she was "doing business" and they set a price before she got into the car with him. As he drove her to a vacant lot in Scott Hall Street, about a mile and a half away, he told her that his name was Dave and that the person he had been waving to was his girlfriend. When they arrived at their destination, "Dave" suggested that they have sex in the back seat, but when Marilyn got out of the car she found that the back door was locked. As "Dave" came behind her to open the door, Marilyn felt a searing, sickening blow on the top of her head. She screamed loudly and attempted to protect her head with her hands. As she fell to the ground, frantically grabbing her attacker’s trousers as she fell, she felt further blows before losing consciousness.

A dog barked at the sound of Marilyn’s screams and "Dave" left before he could finish "the job." Marilyn remembered hearing him walk back to his car and slam the door, and then she heard the back wheels skid as he hurriedly drove away. Slowly, Marilyn managed to get herself to her feet and stumbled towards a telephone. Before she could, a man and woman, noticing the blood running from her head, stopped to help and called an ambulance. (source)

YEAH... "Dave" D? ... HEY --- We got suffering by the vanload - a vanload of scrunched up D. Boon - the heavy light in the night, dying along the road, maybe seen walking into the woods to the hereafter with a dead animal by the survivors, speaking through the firecracker grave through some art school reject. Blew me away. Blew me the FUCK away. Staggering through Christmas and I only met the guy once [compassionate... communal... commie] but light in his eyes wasn't going to burn no LONGER Blew away WATT/wattage/WHAT light no orgiastic future? - and he plays here WATT... for the first time and the whole uneasy uneasy uneasy it's there you can hear it rattling teeth, burning on the side of the road, lift his head into the light/watt.... and WaTT and Kira bring them Ciconne like pilgrims coming across the US (in their van) and like the Canterbury Tales, they travel to Ciconne Abbey in the lower eastside

We got so much damn suffering/ANGST/PUREWHITELIGHT/WHITEHEAD/whitechapel... suffering BUt but but but but..., we wanna kill all our friends, ? we wanna kill the California girls, ? kill yr Idols/Teen Idles/Idylls/Idull... ... no me wanna KILL SONIC YOUTH - well now... NOT PERFECT NOT CLEAN NOT PERFECT..., moving to western Mass for theeee chiiiiiildreeeen Bill/Monica Thurston/Kim, Brad/Jen, Madonna/Sean, Albini/and his fucking German Whore... Burroughs/Wife Dead Apple On Head couldn'tgetitup mad at her says it was an accident officer... and THEN there's the Neil Young greasy biker roadies hiring strippers - and THAT gets to Kim...

Young's roadies, holdovers from classic rock's dark ages, were less predisposed to what they perceived as to be Sonic Youth's art-freak eclecticism. 'The Neil Young tour was actually the first time I encountered so-called sexism,' Kim Gordon said. 'Every time it was somebody's birthday, there'd be strippers hanging around.' source

Kim/Thurston... Charlie/Charley Manson, KOOL THING, those HIPPIES ARE killing CALIFORNIA GIRLS with the "milkmaid maidenhead" ... the bonny hind ... but.. no strippers so-so-called... yeahyeahyeah downdown down ... "death valley 69" its ALL OVER this album (dead actress/dead directors - Madonna / Sean both not either but want to be), violence-worship, Um.
... GAP ads - oh yee-hah the gap ad, neverlivethatonedown, Joan/Kim/Charlie, so KOOL THING... the Starpower/Starbucks everythingturnsblacktoblue, big brother to all KOOL KIDS, SY or don't, REPEAT MADONNA MEME w/Karen Karpenter, Britney, Mariah, REPEAT AND SPIN WASHINGMACHINE like watching a washingmachine... trances for the, SONIC FUCKING life clothing line?????, clothesline bought out by some company in CHINA, so they say, ... i say, Chinese Fucking Sonic Youth making clothing in some sweatshop-prison, you know, wizened impishly like Burroughs/Yoda and scarier with each year etching into their faces, DO WE HAVE TO WATCH THEM GRoW OLD??? Kill Sonic Youth yr iDolls (Lee's the worst, you know, scary monster)... their ALL. KNOWING. StUPIdmmmFACES but not really like a kid with crayons - turn the light right and it looks like CRAYONS but not in their eyes (eyes on hands, Thuston, right, you see what you do) and that drummer iz he fat this year? Uberproducers on the Lowah East Siiiiddeeee... stupid screams/wrecking the Kingdom with this meterman rap

sill-leee young 4ever skinny tousled hair GEEK
WE KNEW YE and killyrbillyfuckingidols...andandadndadnandadnand and and NEIL FUCKING YOUNG thought they for a couple weeks that they wrote the best rock and roll guitar song ever and XGAU is YR friend alreadyreadyever... (ex-CRUCIFUCK I Killed Bob Bert With My Big Fucking Dick - "looks all of 12 years old" or something she said) and well, Frankenstein Shelley / Byron, our good friend, goatee Byron.... Buy runn... So, yeah, Kill All Your Friends... and andandand speaking of all yr sins and the all knowing all fucking Godfan that watches you, why did you release this on CD with that fucking BUBBLEGUM song tacked onto the end... TORTURE, AB-SO_Loot fucking worst Sonick Yoot song every... SONIC POOP...Death to your Friends? Death to U! Worst Apostle Ever! Evereververevol...

Suffering, REAL no FICTION no REALer than Sonic Life - the cane (CAIN) crashing against the whore's light fixture, DADELUS...railing at Mommy, dead Mommy/////
"Her glazing eyes, staring out of death, to shake and bend my soul. On me alone. The ghostcandle to light her agony. Ghostly light on the tortured face. Her hoarse loud breath rattling in horror, while all prayed on their knees. Her eyes on me to strike me down. Liliata rutilantium te confessorum turma circumdet: iubilantium te virginum chorus excipiat. Ghoul! Chewer of corpses!"
- write prose like that ThUrston/LYDIA/CREWS,even...) and you know it, you quoted it... invisible boy=secret girl=Ulysses. Crawling throught the walls (of the closet)Joyce, Bloom, Stephen "burn inside between two walls" two walls...two yep dual duel do all it tee shirt... swear it wasn't me... Charlie/Charley - kiss her in the shadow of the doubt - Guy/Gay.. Bruno/Brute..Daisy/Tom (buchannan/violence) ...HUME/JESSICA (AlFRED/THORTON) errr......and all alone by himself, driving Miss Daisy over Myrtle... there's Gatsby, the believer on that "orgiastic future" that won't happen even at the height of orgasm pounding poundingpoundingpounding "to your skuuuuullllll" release, release, but then it just goes on for ever... plear/queer(Burroughs)/jeer/near/peer/pear - hips like a pear and back to Madonna and those so-called heaven hips blue lips (crayon eyes) she sings of sexviolence and the kids used to line up and buy it the crap (Vogue=Goo), you're all incredulous when Watt brings her to you on bended knee but LISTEN UP - The Big She wrote this:
Oh, do you wanna see me down on my knees
Or bending over backwards now, would you be pleased
Unlike the others, I'd do anything
I'm not the same, I have no shame
I'm on fire
Yes, you know you know ... that ... YOU couldn't, yod couldn't WRITE that line... Lydia couldn't even sing this and yu no, yo nonononono that ...Kern couldn't even film it and unounouno ... Lung Leg couldn't act as fierce (couldn't act EVEN) and Lisa Carver might get it (or not) :"it's about altered states of conciousness" or "getting so close to someone that yer inside someone's skull" (DUH, Suckdog, ...but I just put Madonna in the same virtual class with JOYCE HEEE HEEE - walked right over you, fanboy seducer w/yr tits and kitty litter) ...ooohhh... reeling... bitch set me up, he said our night owl running rampant on the streets you'd see him drunk in the clubs, marion barry, while you Sonic Youth / Kim / Thurston / Steve / Lee and Rayful Edmonds were the hip thing you gotta see this it's 1986 at 930 club/THE COMPLEX remembembmermbmer--- Henry GARRRfield in the back with the blonde bimbo, IAN it's MAc-Kay not MackIE MacKaye somewheres Cynthia, Gordongordongordon -- even a SPIN writer/A&R reps so hot, Lydia waddled into town the following week......Dee-cee - dickhead city (tim w.)... GI's tore the cores of my ear off off at that fucking complex show... that fucking JOHN H. STABB what happened to him selling cars? pimping? You with drumsticks, odds tunings - JH STABB IS making ESTATIC peace withhimselfd.boon........ you opened for him - you opened for the FUCKING G.I.???? WOw... YR crowning achievement... ...oh, and Rev. Brett and Jim in the audience yelling about Kim's panties - I made them come, they hated me forever because of that... ....I think the leather-clad bouncers escorted them out or they just went out to do crank

... I'm kidding I LOVE YOU(KILLYOU) SONIC IDOLS sendmorepromos, fanboyfanboylick - lick the handcream off your author doilee handzzz... so-called... Kim... pick the needle off the turntable WAKEUP WAKEUP LOCK GROOVE LOCK GROOVE - think about BUK, wanting people to do something, throw shit at him, walk off in disgust, make HIM walk off in disgust, just do something or go drink... and you throw us out, sorry Hennnnnrrrreee.... sorry Iaaaan... Lydia... WAKEUP WAKEUP or just pick the needle off the turntable cuz its in a LOCK GROOVE. Lock/Shock/Mock/Madonna/SEAN...hmmmm...

Shawn, sean seen Scene...(remember) seen dangling the photographer (Paparazzzzzy) from the window, smashed the camera in his fucking eye (Irish temper like Joyce another connection!) leaving Macau on that expressway to the 3-way jet plane...LATER... he does or doesn't push Ciconne's head into the oven (Hansel/Gretel - Sean/Madonna - Brad/Jen...OJ/Nichole)HE BEATS HER (Crucify Him! Death to Our Friends) and she (nichole, nicole, nick-hole, Madonna) tells the police (that racist crewcut shouldabeenaprison bitch cop was probably there sucking it all in... thinking that crazy fucking Irish kid with his fucked up Daddy) Imagine Madonna, eyes still red, eyeshadow dripping dream... "forget it don't file the report... i'm okay, he's just stressed hasn't had a good movie since "fast times" and he hates fucking spicoli so when you said "I know that dude" it was a surpreme act of self-control that he didn't pull your head off, piss down your neck and then go cry to Harry Crews ringside with Madonna and Jack and Sean and Buk. Irony Sean knew CREWS LOVED CREWS but Madonna couldn't care less about this Southern jackass retard PROfessor, I screw dancers, actors, fuck you you're no Arthur Miller, walking naked through Miami, domdomdom... "Buk probably had a good laugh about, Sean, didn't he? probably wanted to fuck her silly but thought she was pretty silly, I bet (know?)...ah my god, all the "so-called sexism" Chinese Fucking Sonic Youth workers sewing your clothes... ah, forget the Gap ad honey. Come home. I love you. I love your voice. Keeps me sane. Kim, kimkimkimkim...chee...

Burroughs ghost interrupts:

"We've got a famine here, Osiris -- what happened?" "Well, you can't win them all, I'm hustling myself." "Can you give us immortality?" "I can give you an extension, maybe, take you as far as the first checkpoint -- you'll have to make it from there on your own. Most of them don't, figure about one in a million, and biologically speaking, that's very good odds."
On a plane.... on a train... would you love me anywhere?  do you care?  reading Greil/Grail Marcus/MARK-US - Mystery Train - Elvis/Marilyn - Brad/Jen...Ike/Tina ... yeah yeah ... but what about The Holy Trinity (multiplicity/duality)- 3-way Plane - Elvis in Church singing with those Gospel Singers, Memphis church burning down - Mark-Us later writes "Lipstick Traces" (soon to be a stage play!) trying to 'splain PUNK to the befuddled Rolling Stone G-G-G-Generation... failed... bigtime... DADA? DADA? Johnny Lydon laughs at this in that film, it wasn't forkin' Dada - maybe "da da da" but not DADA... Anyway, MARCUS is OBSESSED OBSESSED with the PISTOLS and LYDON's single line"Kill All Passerbys" just a phrase, the other Pistols (Glenn fucking Glenn asswipe) HATED that line - wanted to KILL Lydon for fucking up their chances to MAKE IT BIG Steve Jones on the radio... Glenn where? who? -- Killed themselves Sid/Nancy - Thurston/Kim - Charlie/Charley - but wait, who was watching SYD???? Manson/Gatsby alone watching the Tate front door/Green light Killing because the Beatles told him too... yeah, Ringo.. told him to kill... (George Harrison later flew to Macau to pick up Sean before the Police arrested him - paid off the Portu-gee)

And Sonic one kills for them... but well someone wrote a virus: SONIK.854 and it wrote THIS over everyone's DISK/DICK quoting from Joyce speaking as Stephen:
"My mother used to say You're the boy that can enjoy invisibility / the pleasure is everlasting / Sonik Youth originally released 29 April '92" (source)
NASTy, too, killed all the California drives... so some geek could say that Sonic Youth is A at least they GOT That sub (Eastern Massachusetts So They Could Breathe)version going for 'em... ...

violence is a number ... and its 854.



"Tom Violence"
"Green Light"

Disclaimer: I fucked David Geffen with Thurston's BIG FUCKING DICK. Do not download these poorly record vinyl rips for just two weeks.


Worship The Gospel Singer

Eat Harry
Puree Confusion is Next

Munch The Great Gatsby

Devour Joyce

Turn on, Tune Off The Greatest Madonna/Sean Movie Ever
Titilliate Yr-Self w/ Richard Kern
Buy The Lydia Lunch Combo Meal

Thrill to Thornton Wilder and Alfred Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt

Ride Along With Strangers on A Train

Shock and Awe with the Official Greil Marcus Homepage
Smell Elvis

Reflect with Sean Penn
Don't Leave Without Some Madonna
And... finally... some words of advice from Burroughs

D. H. Fucking
Boon Christ

In The Kingdom #19


Jim H said...

Either my best ever or my worst ever... you decide...

Eric said...

Huh... at first I thought Rhetoric Pig had hijacked the blog

Whatever you're on, I want some!

Jim H said...

Just high on Meltzer mixed with a dose of semiotics. Just about everything in that post is based on the album. For instance Charlie/Charley were the central characters of Hitch's "Shadow of a Doubt" - both that film and more violent couple of Guy/Bruno in "Strangers on a Train" explored (and rejected) duality and formed the basis for the Youth's great "Shadow of a Doubt"...

I also forgot to mention that Lydia Lunch and Kim Gordon formed a band in the late '80s called HARRY CREWS. IF anyone has any music from that band and posts it let me know and I will link to it.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely FANTASTIC. More! More!

Can't help w/Harry Crews but did see them play live. When they played Orphans as an encore I nearly fainted with ecstasy.


Anonymous said...

hi Jim
as you quote the Gospel Singer

you can find
Harry Crews - the gospel singer
(from "Naked in Garden Hills")
here :


Jim H said...

some poetic license was taken with Madonna here. She did like Crews, read his books, invited him to the ringside and there's some evidence that she was more into him at the time than Penn, who later became Crews' benefactor and closer friend, paying him to write a screenplay for one of his novels that never got made. Crews dedicated a novel to Sean and perhaps has inspired Penn to maintain his refreshing take-no-prisoners, take-no-BS attitude.

Jakob said...

seriously...what the FUCK.

Shawn @ Entroporium said...

The first time I listened to this record -- it was my roommate's very favorite album -- she'd gone out -- I got pretty stoned -- Put it on real loud -- It echoed through the house -- I made dinner -- Puttered about -- Loud, loud, louder -- Drooooone -- and -- Droooooone -- and after about a half hour I realized -- that the same tones had been modulating over & over -- filling the old building overlooking Haight Street on a wet winter night -- the streets vacant except for the usual unfortunates -- Deee-DOOOOO -- Dee-DOOOOO -- what the fuck? -- I went into the living room -- It was a goddamn lockgroove -- I'd been listening to a lockgroove for how long? -- Dee-DOOOOO -- I let it play a little longer before I gave up

That was one of the most unexpected, most _feeling_ moments I ever got in my listening life

Shawn @ Entroporium said...

Oh, and one more thing.

The roommate was from Santa Rosa and she loved to brag about how Hitchcock loved Santa Rosa and that's why he filmed "Shadow Of A Doubt" there. And the reason Evol was her favorite record was because she liked to drop acid and listen to "Shadow Of A Doubt".

Jim H said...

When you digitize Xpressway you have to decide how you are going to deal with the lock groove. Do you fade it out or do you lift the needle abruptly or if you don't really care about your vinyl or just want a neat effect do you scratch the needle across the record. Options I didn't consider include pouring honey over the record or just pulling the power chord or setting up a microphone, take a hit of acid and just talk over the droning lockgroove until I passed out or the CD-R ran out.

After some deliberation (not alot) I decided that letting it play for a minute and then lifting the needle is the way to go. I always hated it when songs faded out anyway and I'd hate to scratch it.

Shawn @ Entroporium said...

Do like Basinski and