Monday, January 17, 2005

"Dire Straits? Throw it!"

ForksLoveTofu of Tofuhut interviewed me back in December and has recently posted it. In it, I reveal my sordid fanzine past, my Halloween song mix and my Fleetwood Mac guilty pleasure. One minor update: since that interview, I have signed up for a peer-to-peer file sharing service (Soulseek) but I have used only for researching bands that I post about at this blog. When I'm active, I share some OOP hardcore and my own twisted music.

In honor of Forks and all vinyl lovers, I present the famous record-throwing scene (11 Mb) from Shaun of the Dead in which the vital question of all record collectors is externalized once and for all in widescreen cinema. To wit, which LPs from your collection would you choose to throw at flesh-eating zombies if your life depended on it?

Here are Shaun's picks... I'll have to think about mine but please feel free to leave your candidates in the comments section:
  • Streetsounds Electro, the 2nd Album Shaun ever bought ("it's not hip-hop, it's Electro")
  • New Order's Blue Monday - thrown by mistake ("an original pressing!")
  • Prince's Batman soundtrack (they kept Sign o' The Times and Purple Rain)
  • Dire Straits
  • Sade (it's Shaun's ex-girlfriend's record)
Get the Shaun of the Dead DVD - there's some real great extras -- such as what happened to Diane after she left the Winchester and how Shaun escaped the hordes of zed-word people. There's also the full Coldplay ZOMBAID interview. More clips from the movie (including the action prior to my clip) can be found here.

My top five records to throw at slow-moving zombies:

1. Caribou - Elton John
2. Works, Volume 2 - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
3. Flag - James Taylor
4. Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits (yeh)
5. A - Jethro Tull

See A Small Victory where Michele picks up on this thread


R. Piggy said...

Shit, my kungfu's good enough to bust through an lp. And I'm gonna post somethin' from the Shaun soundtrack, ya cockblockin' vinyl snatch!

Jim H said...

Oh, please let it be Second Coming... or Queen

brendan said...

Wait a minnit, there was a time in my life when I couldn't live without Streetsounds Electro on my, er, Walkman. I've stopped taking drugs since those days, though.

Phil said...

lovely film clip. pegg's a terrific comic - great on "spaced" and as the crazed book shop manager in "black books".