Saturday, January 01, 2005

Soundtrack to a New Year's Eve Dream

I found myself running through a decaying building, I think it was a gym, that looked like the set from Alien onto the grungey part of 14th Street (in Washington DC). I was once again being pursued by Prince Olaf and his nameless brother, my reoccuring green and ugly nightmare gnomes, and we all realized that something even worse, a dark giant, was pursuing all of us. The giant shadow thing smashed Prince Olaf's brother into an unrecognizable smear on the macadam... we called a truce and ducked into a bar where an HDTV screen was showing Harry Dean Stanton performing a retrospective of all his greatest characters... Bud the Repo Man, the lonelyheart detective from Wild At Heart, the broken father from Pretty in Pink and that's when I woke up.

Coridda - Lindows (Poland)
Destroy That Boy - Boonaraas (Germany)
Making Enemies - Lied (Malaysia)
Dla Mnie To Cos - Freez (Poland)
Coup de Ska (live) - Beat Soup (USA)
Conspiracy Theory - Steve Earle (USA)
I've Got News - The Murg Masalam Blues Band (Malaysia)
Transducer - Dusk (Malaysia)
Harry in Wild at Heart
Get in the Car - The Giraffes (USA)
Behold the Cucumber - Carrion Dust (Malaysia)
Silent Movie - This Body Broken (Malaysia)
Close Your Eyes - Her Reverie (Malaysia)

Fine print: All tracks deemed "legal"... hi bit-rate... my apologies as many of the songs do not have proper ID3 tags and may need some "repair" after you bad links, please

Links: Harry Dean's IMDB (he also appeared in Alien which I hadn't remembered)


Anonymous said...

I wish they would do an Inside the Actor's Studio with Harry or some of the unsung character actors of the world instead of the big, often not so talented, stars.

Jim H said...

I would like to see that, too. But then. I'd have to watch the show - it's that one with the fawning guy that Will Ferrell imitates, right?

I should add that this set was inspired alot by the movies Repo Man, Wild at Heart, Alien and Liquid Sky (Stanton doesn't appear in the latter although there's a Stanton-like character), which were great paranoid, creepy, murderous and surreal movies from the '80s that I still remember fondly. The dream got me thinking about those movies.

Scott said...

Wow, that's a crazy dream. Happy new year, best of luck, and keep posting you're amazingly great content!

edgy said...

Don't forget Travis from the movie "Paris, Texas".

NOTSAVED said...


i need a copy of that Butthole Surfers Live @ Staches!! ya still have a copy...or can ya post that one song at least?


NOTSAVED said...

HERE...get in touch!!