Saturday, January 15, 2005


Jimmy Griffin, the guitarist of Bread died this week.

Bread, of course, was known for pioneering the soft rock sound and responsible for some of the most awful, annoying commercial songs of that time such as "Baby I'ma Want You" and "If" - most of these songs were written by David Gates, of which we will say no more.

... but if you go deeper in their catalog, there were a few era gems of Soft Rock -- most of them written by Griffin and life long friend Robb Royer. Royer was also in Bread and collaborated with Griffin on their biggest hit, The Carpenter's "For All We Know."

Contemporary touchpoints for Bread can be found in the indie "wimp rock" scene --although for the most part, this music is less commercial and alot more interesting -- see for instance, the latest Postal Service song recently posted at Scenestars ...

(almost all of Bread's music is available on iTunes)

This cut is a Griffin/Royer song from their second album - also available on their Anthology CD.

"Look What You've Done" (128 kbps, 3 Mb - limited availability)

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