Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sigur Ros
have about two dozen MP3s for their fans and people like me who aren't that familiar with their work - I find this more than little rare for a somewhat well-known band especially when they have a well-established beachhead on iTunes. Even newer bands aren't this generous.

There are cuts from various albums including () and and a number of live released and unreleased tracks (which I have yet to sample). They are generally encoded at good levels of VBR or 128 kbps.

You can check them out here.

Here's some of my picks for those who use the "Play This Page" feature. At any rate, these are dedicated to Spoilt Victorian Child who recently moved into a Domain of Their Own but are still good for a few songs on the jukebox down at the pub even if they are in a more exclusive neighborhood:

untitled #8 (a.k.a. popplagið / the pop song) from the album () - like Galaxie 500 but if they were more focused, spoke in foreign tongues and liked to induce trances in their fans. I love the drumming sound on this around minutes 6-7:30. My favorite cut of their downloads. Almost flashback inducing.

Olsen Olsen from Ágætis byrjun - more Icelandic or at least how I imagine Iceland must sound if they had angels playing with reverb boxes. I'm guessing this is great for late night chilling with the window open and a cool breeze.

Streamside - a mellow acoustic guitar duet between Sigur Ros and Album Leaf (appeared on an Album Leaf, um, album) a bit like that Frusciante work on the Vincent Gallo film. Here's what their website says about it:

streamside mp3- 7th september 2004
we've been given permission to post a song from the album "in a safe place" by the album leaf (jimmy lavalle). as you may know, this album was recorded in sigur rós' studio and features contributions from jónsi, kjartan and orri. the song posted here, called streamside, features jimmy and jónsi on guitar, kjartan on accordion and gyða (formerly of múm) on cello. the song can be downloaded here.
Sigur Ros - main site
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Anonymous said...

" I imagine Iceland must sound if they had angels playing with reverb boxes," - nice.

I think the Sigur Ros site is great. Not only do they offer the music tracks mentioned on their site, but they also sponsor DC++ and ftp sites. More info here: