Sunday, January 09, 2005

Of Note: Alice Bags' Blog

While researching last night's The Bags (Boston) post, I came across Alice Bags' (lead singer of the LA Bags) blog (Diary of a Bad Housewife) and website. She posts Bags / Dangerhouse record label memorabilia, the occasional odd MP3, writes about her life and plugs her upcoming gigs with her current bands.

She is currently playing with the all-female Stay At Home Bomb and the all-Chicana Las Tres. Her main website is worth exploring - including an interview with Dinah Cancer of 45 Grave. Her media page includes some classic Bags downloads and a cut from her all-Chicana Las Tres coffeehouse band. Here's my favorite:

"Survive" - Bags (96 kbps) (go to media page for the rest)

Bonus link: Rockin' Rina's Women of Punk

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