Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I don't normally like this type of shit but...

1) Shivaree has a new album out. Eh. Liked 'em a way back but Ambrosia seems so 1999 now. Then again, they got onto the Kill Bill 2 soundtrack (during the credits).

Stupidly, their website only offers samples off the new one - and in the dreaded WMA/Real format. Get a clue, Zoe. Here's a cut (probably not "legal," bitches) I found on a defunct blog from her previous...... well, I liked it, think Tom Waits rides Lucinda Williams semi-hard and leaves her wet....1999 album is called I Oughta Give You A Shot In The Head:

"Bossa nova"

2) On another note, I'm sitting in Reagan Nat Airport waiting for my flight and put the iPod on random play. Somehow it came up with this AGK cut I downloaded (legal, bitches) that I had forgotten about but it strangely seemed just perfect to watch planes take off and taxi around, girls look up from their books at me suspiciously, watch some grunge 1993 idiot talking on his earphone cell and make the minutes go by. Eno got it half right - Music for Airports should have been about wirelessly pumping music out and handing out earphones so you can blank out the sound and watch the world anxiously go by.

"Short Romance" - AGK remix ( from Ambi-sonic - there's more there for you electronic snobs)


craig said...

hey I got my Zulus post up - hope you enjoy, it's their 85 EP in it's glorious entirety

R. Piggy said...

Did you just call me a bitch? Sassy.