Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Glenn Danzig is smacked down by a Northside King band member...

Stereogum links to this altercation between Danzig and a member of a band that was supposed to play after Danzig. The story and video is all there. Gosh, I sure don't miss punk shows.

But here's true story time: I once bought a record from Danzig. He used to sell direct from his home. Anyway, I had a problem with the record (I sent money and never got anything) and wrote to him to ask about it. My message was polite but to the point. In response, I received an angry, profanity-laced scrawled message written on the back of a tour poster basically telling me to "fuck off" and that he had sent me the record. This was about $8 plus shipping that was in dispute. I remember laughing at it but noted that with all the mail order and band correspondence I had done, I had never seen anything like that. Even GG Allin and Psycodrama were sweet in their own way (although I admit that I handled GG's letters by the corners).

I kept Danzig's correspondence but I don't where it is right now. Perhaps I'll scan it in when I find it. The record did arrive many, many days later to his credit but there was no reason to get so angry about it and I never went to his show or listened to his music again.

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