Friday, July 30, 2004

Similar Pages

while I work on the Roger Miller tape and look for excuses to move my pictures further down the page, here are some links I came across when I did a google search on "vinyl mine" (I'm the fourth from the top, pout) and hit the link next to it for similar pages. Some of the results were pretty good, others I don't know what the algorithm is thinking (for example or something like that).

large-hearted boy - interesting daily links of interest and a "daily download" of links to MP3s found on other sites (not all "legal").

global pop conspiracy - very busy, punk-spirited site devoted to smashing genre-segratation and to resurrect the selector explained thusly:

In the travelling Jamaican sound systems of the '60s and '70s, musical duties were split between the selector, who chose the records, and the operator, who played the records. A quarter century later, the selector and the operator have become one: the dj. In the dj, we have allowed execution to overshadow ideas. We have perpetuated the notion that the soul of creation is in the technique, and that, lacking technique, we forfeit the right to create.

Yet, from Duchamp to McLaren, from ? and the Mysterians to Simple Machines, from FactSheet 5 to weblog, it has continually been proven: Technique is overrated. Ideas are still important. Use the tools around us: boom box, transistor radio, word processor, scissors, old magazine, photocopier, construction paper, scanner, URL...

That said, I'm still not sure what this site is... is it a radio? an MP3 blog? a linkhaus? Anyway, if you have an hour or so to spend...

campaign songs
- this wasn't in the similar pages link list but linked to by global pop conspiracy as he found it via large hearted boy (do I sense a nexus forming?). These are mash-ups of political speeches with MP3s from past campaigns by an anonymous person who describes themselves as an "influential Congressional staffer" and calls themselves The Integral... gee, I hope he or she uses their influence when Fluxblog gets frog-marched out of his basement by the RIAA.

said the gramophone - right after fluxblog, this guy will probably be next... this is a fairly popular MP3 blog that concentrates on forgotten cuts from known artists like Nina Simone and Fairport Convention and he talks about stuff sent to him for review... - no particular manifesto here but whatever interests our "selector"... take it for a ride if you haven't already.

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