Friday, July 30, 2004


My name is Jim and I'm a subscriber to the Washington Post for the past 10 months. It's strange that you have to feel so guilty with what is probably one of the best papers in the country but I have a real love-hate relationship with the paper and I suppose I'll probably never be satisified. Having lived in other towns and suffered worse papers, I probably should just shut up.

The Post is sort of like the stern husband to the New York Times's "Grand Old Hag". It's Prince Phillip to Queen Victoria. The pre-Viagra Bob Dole to the way I imagine Liddy Dole is in private. The Citizen Kane to the Ruth Warrick. The Phillip Graham to Kate Graham (oh, where did that come from?). I dunno... I just viscerally react to anybody who considers themselves "a paper of record"... I mean shut up already - I learn more about the metro area these days from weblogs afterall so dont tout yourself so much.

Anyway... so I'm never really expecting much and then I come across this where they provide space for anyone and everyone local to upload their MP3s for all to enjoy. What a great service - the only price is agreeing to some legal thingie that says you won't go off and sell the tunes.

The number of bands on here is incredible and it will probably take a few lifetimes not only to get through it but to keep up with new recordings. Some are pretty bad (empirical data suggests 85%) and some are pretty wierd - there's a 8 meg download of some guy reading from "Thus Spake Zarathrusta" (huh, wha?) and Da Vinci's Notebook, an indescribably annoying "comedy" band... but then there's Junkyard Band, Chuck Brown, Rare Essence and Eva Cassidy and the discoveries keep coming... anyway, it's pretty cool for an old fart paper!

Here's one to start you with

Fairweather Fan

MP3.Wahpo Link


D.C.MP3 said...

Glad to see that you've found it. How did you come across it?

Jim H said...

how did I come across the WahPo site or the DC Mp3 site?

The former - just mousing around, the latter via a technorati search on the Washington Post site.