Monday, July 05, 2004

Ooof...Lexicon Devil doesn't like Sonic Nurse and thought their show was really, really boring and listens the reasons why...:

1) No stage personality whatsoever. No "hello"'s, no "ho ya going?"'s, not even a "Melbourne, you rock!". We were treated to a brief, smug anti-Bush rant from Thurston and that's it. You know, you can't be on fire every night, and I know that sometimes you go on stage in a foul mood for the stupidest of reasons and act like a petulant turd to let everyone else know it, but that's me and all the two-bit nobody bands I've played in over the years. This is Sonic Youth. People pay a lot of money ($60) to be "entertained" and they acted like they couldn't give the vaguest fuck. The snooty NYC attitude doesn't cut it anymore.

2) Nearly every song played was from Sonic Nurse. This is expected but unfortunate, considering how fucking boring that album is.

3) Too many Kim Gordon songs. Kim's a cool chick, but she couldn't sing her way out of a soggy paper bag, and her voice just gets worse every year. Several vocal moments were nothing less than excruciating.

Lots more here. His main page also links to an interview he did with Saccharine Trust... they still together? Think I've got something from them in one of the boxes.

Damn, was looking forward to seeing SY in August. I think it's been close to 20 years when I saw them last in that old queer club that Gordon Gordon used to rent out for all ages show during the day. The Palladium? The Condom? Can't remember what it was called -- its been since torn down for the new Convention Center.

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