Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Sorry, Bill, Ms. W., Washingtonienne, etc. but I have a new favorite local blog to get my DC news from - here's an excerpt from Sal Gabor's project (tons of archives - where's this guy been?):

I have gained a new found respect for "Non-Profit Organizers". In a normal world, a "Non-Profit Organization" is a company that does not sell a product but, more than likely provides a services and is funded by the government, sponsorships from other companies and/or donations. These organizations receive funding and from that amount that run their business. Any excess of that is put back into the company for future use. Most of these organizations do good deeds such as feeding the poor, educating children or maybe promoting the awareness of a particular disease. All in all good deeds are being done and needs are being met due to the presence of "Non-Profit Organizations".

There is a vast difference between a "Non-Profit Organization" and a "Non-Profit Organizer". A "Non-Profit Organizer" is that middle-aged man in your neighborhood that does little "odds -n- ends" jobs to make enough money for the day to eat, drink, trick on a woman and get a back of weed and/or crack. Most people who patronize these "Organizers" don't have any idea where their money is going or if they do, they try to deny it. We all see these "organizers" in the morning on our way to work and in the evening. EVEN late at night, they are just-a-"organizing". "Yeah I gotta hit Mrs. Mayfield's yard, then I gotta trim some hedges over at Jesse's house and..............OK NIGGA Im a wash yo' car, I'll be right back..... Im a bidness man, give me some time DARNELL!". Always planning and strategizing as a true "organizer should".

You ever wonder......with all that work and skilled labor under their belts, why don't these "Non-Profit Organizers" have any money? Well when your heroin habit outweighs your goal of saving $375 for a lawnmower, you are in deep trouble mister. You'll be cutting that grass with a push mower forever. It takes you 2 hours to cut a yard that a lawnmower does in 30 minutes. Money lost for certain but, thats a "Non-Profit Organizer" for ya! No need for a profit. Just make enough money to get two strong meals, some drank and a pack of cigarettes.

Today we must tip our hats and salute all the Kevin's, Leroy's, Trenell's and Lavell's of the world who aimlessly do our yardwork and wash our cars just to get high and drunk only to be knocking on our doors again tomorrow morning to see if Grandma needs him to put the air conditioner in the back room.

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