Sunday, July 18, 2004

Taking a Break (my back is killing me from cleaning records - I need to find a higher work surface)

Assorted links before I forget about 'em:

Jello cries Uncle!:

In an opinion rendered in June 2003, the three-judge panel agreed that Biafra and his record company, Alternative Tentacles, intentionally shut the other band members out of $76,000 in royalties for Dead Kennedy hits from the late 1970s and early 1980s, including such seminal punk anthems as "Holiday in Cambodia," "California Uber Alles" and "Kill the Poor."

The appeals court also overturned a lower court decision that ruled that the partnership should be dissolved and its assets sold and divvied up, instead finding that a four-way partnership existed between the Kennedys when it came to the band's catalog.

In dropping his suit on June 30, Biafra concurred with the notion that breaking up the punk band's assets was not in the best interests of the four rockers, as it would end up substantially devaluing their catalog.

..... His attorney also previously stated that should all four members control the Kennedys' legacy, it wouldn't exactly be democratic, since the other three could effectively impose their will on Biafra and override his vote on any future decisions.

*Snicker*, interesting definition of "democratic", coming from this guy, eh? Um, eat the rich, anyone?

Ghetto Recorders, a Detroit-based studio, has a bunch of cool MP3s up on their website including White Stripes and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion -- click on "Clients" for the pop-up window....

Joining Steve Jones in answering the mocking question as to what an aging punk (besides getting into lawsuits with his former band members) does with his spare time besides killing oneself, Handsome Dick of the Dictators now has a radio show on Sirius networks. Here's a newspaper column on it. Here's the Dictator's main site in case you haven't already been. Check out this story about how Dick met R. Meltzer and Meltzer's opinion of Cameron Crowe.

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