Monday, October 27, 2008

New layout, Twittering

I've resisted long enough and now I'm a twitterer.  I'm probably over-compensating right now but hey at least I'm back to writing and thinking about music among other things.  See my tweet (I really hate that) in the sidebar over there --->

My all too infrequent list of lists

- TVotR - "Dear Science" - brainac, funky but do these guys rock - ***
- RaRaRiot - "Rhumb Line" - ez listening for indie nerds - ***
- Fratellis - "I forget the name" - loving this Beatles tribute band - ****
- Fiery Furnaces - "Bitter Tea" - farty-arty as opposed to artsy-fartsy - ***

- Mad Men, Season 1 - A secretary is not a toy. You watch this part with dread - little girl playing in plastic, secretaries going insane, pregnant women drinking and smoking and part with jealousy - sauve men, shapely women, mistresses in The Village. *****
- The Band's Visit - Egyptian band hangs out in Israeli village ****
- Once - indie rock romance that doesn't end soon enough and once yet, never again. *

- Saw Eagle Eye. Bored. Hardly remember anything from it.

- Dixie Kitchen's low-carb biscuits - makes you forget you aren't eating regular biscuits... sort of ***
- Omaha Steaks - OMFGROFD these are great. You'll never eat steak anywhere else again *****
- Mama Something's low carb tortilla -- Fry them in leftover bacon grease and roll eggs, salsa and bacon into them for breakfast - ****
- The "new" Ruby Tuesday -- ha, ha ha omfg - puke/ack/cough - *
- Jaspers in Greenbelts Chophouse Steak Salad -- ***

- Far Cry 2 - feast for the eyes, realistic shooter - *****
- Saints Row 2 -- best thing about this game is the character customization. I currently have an obese man wearing women's clothings with a Latino female voice who taunts. Gameplay is kinda lame, though -- ***
- Deadspace - Eh. I found others games more scary and dark
- Left For Dead -- no I don't have it but wantwantwant nownownow
- Team Fortress 2 - this most awesomest multiplayer out there - remains my number 1 obsession

TV Shows
- Supernatural - best show on TV, bar none - *****
- Heroes - still has its moments -- I mean Robert Forster as the Big Bad?!?! still, half of the characters could die and I wouldn't care ***
- True Blood on HBO - awesome new entry to the movie/TV vampire canon - ****
- Entourage on HBO - kind of feels like an apology for Hollywood being Hollywood - ***
- Dexter (uneven) - ***
- The Shield - **** - Vic, Dutch and that creep with the weird hairline should get together and whack Claudette - she is just not a good foil for Vic -- otherwise this woulda been a five-star
- Sons of Anarchy - ***** - 2nd best show on TV.

Crappy shows that really shouldn't be crappy: Chuck, Boston Legal, Smallville, Fringe, South Park

Shows I don't give a rat's ass about but other people rave - House, The Unit, CSI anything, Law and Order anything

Tuesday, October 21, 2008