Friday, February 19, 2010

By popular request: Vox Pop

I've had a request to repost the Vox Pop Mp3s from one of this blog's more popular posts on "The Man The Myth The Volume"


So... any other old posts I should reactivate? Given the current anti-Mp3 blog environment on blobspot, I'll make a decision based on whether the songs are available anywhere else... from what I can tell Vox Pop is not available generally anywhere else.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy VD (day)

Yeah, just emerging from the murk that is life in the Tennies to DJ you a great cut from that ol' psyche band Mooseheart Faith for those who still have that mooseheart faith somehwere deep in the core of their bones. yeah, it's random....(and sorry Mooseheart for not getting your permission but here's their site, go buy their shit if you can find it). I do find it quite funny that Firedoglake still links to me. Thanks Jane, you are the coolest chick on earth.

"Golden Light" - Mooseheart Faith