Monday, December 06, 2004

43 Folders posts this (read the whole thing here) regarding mistakes bands and labels make online:

Crappy or non existent mp3 metadata

If I load up the mp3 of your big single and it says it’s “Song” by “Artist” on the record, “Album,” you’ve completely blown it already; I have no way to ever find you again. Ditto for file naming. Remember: people often download dozens or hundreds of songs at once, so it’s really unlikely they’ll remember where Track%2007.mp3 came from.

Tip: Fill every possible field of ID3 data with rich, correct information. This is the digital version of an album cover, so give the kids something to read while they’re rocking. Basic track info is a no-brainer, but also consider adding cover art, track number, composer credits, genre and year information, and—duh—add a link to your web site and email address in the comments field. Posting an MP3 without metadata is like Safeway ordering the hair-netted sample lady not to tell hungry customers which aisle those nummy chicken fingers are in.

Look at it this way. ID3 data are the new run-off grooves.

And here's "The Maze" by minutemen (see previous post)...have a good week everyone!


Anonymous said...

if only the mp3 blogs I read would read this post and get with the program. If they insist on leaving ID3 tags empty, they could at least give it a useful file name

Anonymous said...

I like when album art is included. I noticed you put it in the minutemen cut. If you use iTunes and click on the album art, it blows it up in great detail!

darkness said...


Thanks for the tip, and for the music, of course.

You're doing a great job - keep it up!

John said...

i am SO guilty of this.

no longer!