Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday night download

The show I am playing in opens this weekend. My drums are finely tuned, my solo has been choreographed (bum, bum, bum, biddle bum and all that) and I'm off in a half an hour. So the blog suffers, so what. I'm about halfway through cleaning the new box of vinyl and there are some doozies in there, so stay tuned.

Isn't Autumn nice?

Apropos of nothing, here's a good Friday tune for y'all that might have been overlooked. I've played in a band that did a cover of "Ohio" by Neil Young. Let me tell you, for a drummer this is the most monotonous thing to play especially if your guitarists don't have much of imaganation and just do the slog through the verse-chorus, jam, verse-chorus, jam, rinse. Gorch Fock seem to have found the secret to making the song interesting again. At least's that's my opinion.

"Ohio" - Gorch Fock w/ vocals from Mr. Kevin Stack

Have a great weekend - I may be back to finish up Box #1.

(Anyone know what's wrong with Blogger's image uploader?)

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