Saturday, February 25, 2012

Popular Baby Delusions

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Let's get right to the pick of the weeks of the century!  All links are to Spotify.  Get it, get premium, get the mobile app and then get Tomahawk and listen to Soundcloud and Spotify from the same player on your Mac or PC.  You will not go back.

Rachel Sermanni

"Black Current - Rachel Sermanni" - Yeah, just what we need - another Kate Bushy / Vashti Bunyon type plying songs about dreams but damn it, can't get this out of the heavy rotation until it makes its mysteries clear to me.  Beautiful arrangement of strings, percussion, nylon string guitar (guess) and Ms. Sermanni's fairy princess voice.

"Severus and Stone - Radical Face" - Reminds me much of the Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby that came out of the same NC folk cloud that produced Wye Oak (for better or worse).  This song even has a short story attached to it in case you don't get that it's really a chilling ghost story of two brothers.

"Smoke in the Desert, Eating the Sand, Hide in the Grass" - Envelopes.  For some weird reason Spotify identifies the band name as BRILDB107DLX, which would be a cool name if they decide to change.  And actually, they do change from their previous album (Demon) which sounded more VU'ish.  Here, they shed the whole "I'll Be Your Mirror" vibe and are rocking with their tiny French cocks out.  Even that doesn't diminish from the awesomeness of this track which comes off their longer player, Here Comes The Wind.  They should get Spotify to fix this name FUBAR.

"Pa Que Vives" - Davila 666.  If Envelopes are rocking with their thang out, Davila 666 rocks with their middle fingers extended.  Can't understand a thing they are saying but the noise is just as glorious in their Puerto Rican garages as any others around this small world.

"Amber" - Labryinth Ear.  Superlative dream chill track from the English electronic duo's Apparitions EP.

"Wow Wave Cinema" - Unicycle Loves You - Buzzy midwest trio that sort of remind me of Pavement.  Their fronting something else as the single from their album but this oughta be at least the next one.

"Murder1" - Wazu.  I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to blame MGMT for the wave of electronic duos once they start putting out shitty music.  But this ain't one band to throw a tantrum over and makes me rethink the notion that this whole two-person electronic gadget / laptop group is more than just a passing phaze.  Excellent first outing (Wavu EP available everywhere and nowhere now).

"Little Things" - Experimental Pop Band.  The single off of EPB's latest makes me wish it was a big fluffy pillow I could puff up and lay my head on it.  More pop like this, please.

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