Friday, May 25, 2007

Holiday Drive Mix Tape

A sort of mellow late Spring - early Summer folk, Americana, electro pop mix, some popular well known artists, some not so well known for the holiday weekend drive home and something that won't hopefully be too objectionable from my fellow travellers - all tunes found on fellow mostly undersung MP3 blogs* you should check out - who also should have links to the artists and the where to buys (I can't do everything)...

*Disclaimer: Pitchfork is not an MP3 blog
**Yes, Avril
***Leaked from upcoming album
****Yes, I know it's a Christmas song but it's also a Memorial Day song. So say I.

Photo entitled Memorial Day by LoneBlueLady on Flickr (CC protected)


C said...

Actually, although it's on sufjan's christmas album, it's not really a Christmas song. Just a hymn.

Good mix.

bvsc said...
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bvsc said...

Thanks v-miner for the memorial mix.

No said...

Thanks for the plug! I noticed some traffic coming in from your link this morning and thought I'd drop by and say,"Hello".

A Townes fan, eh?! Cool!

Anyhow, I tossed a link to your blog on our site in the blogroll section.