Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Christgau Crack-up, Part 3

"Chief Music Critic" and "Senior 'Editor'" of the Village Voice Dr. Christgau reviews the new Ramones movie Endof the Century and tries to come to grips with Johnny Ramone:
Exciting and absolutely right though their '70s sets always were, the film establishes that they kept the faith live (sic) till the end, lifted by Joey's goofy dedication and powered by the chords Johnny thrashed out like they were why he was alive. As unyielding in his aesthetic principles as he was in everything else, this reactionary was an avant-gardist in spite of himself.
Hmmmm... aesthetic principles. Avant-gardist. Johnny Ramone. Whooookay.

And I'm still trying to figure out this sentence:
Although he's aged badly and will soon OD, Dee Dee's down-to-earth off-the-wall partakes (sic) of the same charm he radiates in the many welcome and miraculous archival clips. But Johnny's analysis and will carry the film (sic).
Probably just something that was lost in the translation to the web. Read the whole three paragraph article here.

Movie opens at least in NYC 20 August.

(And yes, I make plenty of typographical errors but then again I ain't a senior editor).

Update: On second thought, I really shouldn't be so negative towards Bob. Anyone who would write about the Ramones in a widely circulated paper oughta be patted on the back. Here's a link to the movie website. Peace, Bob.

Update 2: This is turning into a Ramones post. Here's the line-up for their 30th Anniversary party in L.a. (source)

Blink-182's Mark Hoppus, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea and John Frusciante are among the acts scheduled to perform at the Ramones' 30th anniversary party September 12 at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood. Henry Rollins, Rancid's Tim Armstrong, Pete Yorn, Rooney's Robert Carmine, Bad Religion's Brett Gurewitz, the Sex Pistols' Steve Jones, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones' Dicky Barrett and Ramones producer Daniel Rey will also join Marky and Johnny Ramone at the place where the Ramones played their last show in 1996. The Dickies and "two very special unmentionable bands," according to RamonesWorld.com, will also perform, and former drummer Tommy Ramone will speak. ...
What no women? Joan Jett? Bebe Buell? Hell, Pink, anyone? Anyone know who the unmentionable bands are?


Eric said...

I always found it hard to understand Christgau without the typos. I'm looking forward to the new Ramones DVD.

Jim H said...

Yeah, I know - I did an update-a-culpa above... I just think the old guard needs to move on - in a way, I guess he has, I mean "senior editor" really doesn't mean anything does it?