Thursday, August 05, 2004

I'm gonna do the Mystery and Misery thing tonight and point you towards an online cut I'm currently digging.

Sand Pebbles

If I had an I-Pod, this 2002 cut would be on it - instead its on my current mix CD that goes from my car to work and back again and top of the playlist on my computer juke. I just love these kinds of feet-moving tunes and dig the little psyche sound fx thrown in... Sand Pebbles are an Aussie band that work on the same popular soap opera that produced Kylie (hey, she's cool, shut up, check out some of her earlier videos with Michael Gondry) and Guy Pearce. It's also the name of one of my favorite movies as a kid (I was fascinated with Junks and that scene where the crowd tries to attack John Wayne's boat)

I hear Saints, Stooges but with better more mellow drugs... this is a cover of a Julian Cope cut from 1989 so I guess it even fits in with the theme of this journal, too! I don't have any of their records but I'm sure to pick their latest up on my next shopping trip.

Band's website

Out of My Mind on Dope & Speed

UPDATE: Just found this article on them...

And they may even be responsible for one the most renowned Australian duets in the past 20 years.

"I got shit-faced drunk with Kylie Minogue one night when I was 17 and listened to the Birthday Party," Michael says. "And she liked it. I reckon that's the reason she said yes to Nick Cave and did the duet Where the Wild Roses Grow."

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