Friday, August 06, 2004

(not so) Deeeeeeep Thoughts (or there must be something in the Columbia Industrial grind):

If shame lives in the shadow of love, does smug live in the shadow of hate?

Corporate revisionist Dept: From a review this AM of Garden State on MTV - The Shins: A group commonly played on MTV2... Oh yeah. Was that before the Hoobastank video or after the Headbangers Ball? Or maybe it was in the background during Ask Andrew W.K.

Three-word review of Garden State from someone who hasn't seen it yet: I become emo...

I forgot to mention in my review of the Sand Pebbles song yesterday: Velvet, there.

Final deeeep thought in the form of an answer:

Answer: No.

Question: Did you ever in your wildest dreams think the first time you heard Zen Arcade that you would be reading Bob Mould kvetching about his waistline issues? Bob, see ya at Whole Foods. We can do low-fat latte.

On further reflection: Eh, maybe. But Grant Hart, never.

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