Sunday, August 15, 2004

Coffee and Cigarettes, Mix 2

...being a collection of songs and spoken word for people nursing hangovers and folding laundry... (some of these tracks are "legal" in the sense that they originate from the supposed copyright holder's supposed website... others are more like "found objects" - we of course recommend you seek out and offer tribute to the original artists by walking across the country on broken glass-lined shoes pushing a wheel barrow of cash...)

In The Death Car
- (found object?) Goran Bregovic and Iggy Pop collaborate and the results are about the farthest-out thing you may have ever heard Iggy do "I wanna hear the mandolins" -- this comes from the soundtrack of the Johnny Depp film Arizona Dream (1993) which is on my "get it out on DVD now, bitch" list... buy it here

Mean Old Chicago - (legal) Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin, sideman for Muddy Waters provides our trad. rhythm and blues this morning. That's Bob of course on the wailin' guitar. If you ever are in the mood for the blues, Bob's a good place to start. I first heard Bob way back in the early '80s when he had just started his own band. I even beat his drummer at a game of pool while Bob looked nonchalantly on.

Wayfaring Stranger (legal)- Here's a return to the Coffee and Cigarettes mix from local boys Jericho Bridge of this beloved traditional song. Don't you find yourself singing harmony on the chorus?

You Can't Kill the Rooster (found object?) - Hey, best-selling author & NPR staple David Sedaris might not be cool in some parts but he tells great stories that folks from my generation can identify with readily. Here's a story about his (now) famous brother, The Rooster, who makes his living a bit south of here. Referring page here. You can buy David's books everywhere. You can book him for your next party here.

The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore (found object) - PJ Harvey song from "Stories from the Cities, Stories From the Sea." This is the referring page. You can buy it here.

Ring of Fire (legal) - Universal Hall Pass is another Balkan-Eastern European influenced song in our mix. Why? Because in Eastern Europe the coffee is strong and the cigarettes come without filters. That's why. Here's a cover of that ol' John R. Cash favorite.

Innocent When You Dream (found object) - Billy's Band makes it again for our last song (and another East of Europe artist) with the great Tom Waits song that works for both that last shot of vodka (or coffee in our case) and a mid morning snooze... And what better thing to do on a Sunday morning ... you can buy Billy's Band CDs - fuck if I know, geez! (Referring page)

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