Monday, August 09, 2004

The Washington Post Strikes Again... and M&M in the Press

Yeah, so, this is something that rolls my cannon and makes me wanna shoot fireballs across town at the "paper of record"... I'm by no means a Cure fan. I like some of their songs and some stuff I have heard from their new record sounds okay and as a whole the author hasn't done a bad job describing the concert.

It's just that when a writer takes it upon himself to insult the audience like this in a major publication:
And when he moped, "I want to change!" on "A Night Like This," a mopefest broke out from in front of the stage to the back of the amphitheater's lawn. But, really now, who among them really wants change?
and this:
The plea for change wasn't the night's only dishonest utterance. "Alt.end" found Smith singing that he was going away, a threat he's issued repeatedly over the band's history. "I want this to be the end!" Smith whined. And the fans whined the line right back, with feeling. But chances are good that neither could pass a lie detector test.
OK, would you do a review of an art exhibition and spend part of your time insulting the audience? Would you go to a play and write about the fact that alot of people were in khakis? The point is that Cure fans aren't illiterate - they read papers and if "old media" is going want to survive when there are so many alternatives to getting information, is it really a good idea to make fun of the fans?

Now let's talk about something good from the newspapers.

A Musical Blogger is about our very own Blogroll friend over at Mystery and Misery - and he mentions little ol' Vinyl Mine to boot. Well, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy although I wish there might have been a little more discussion about Fair Use (see link on the side if you're new to this and make up your own mind what constitutes legal use of copyrighted material).

So, now we're big in the home of Colorblind James and the home of Brother Cane!


Jason said...

Colorblind James and the Mennonite Babes are a hot new band coming out of the Rochester area.

Jim H said...

Will Chuck Mangione be playing backup flugelhorn, though?

Jason said...

You bet! There is a new Megalow Mart opening up and they are going to be playing the grand opening. Lou Gramm is also in the band as well.