Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Roundtable: Mp3 Bloggers

The folks behind some of the more popular MP3 and audio blogs were interviewed this morning. Here's my favorite quote (obviously).

MB = Mystical Beast
MB: As for scholarship, the current music system does a really terrible job of preserving the past, especially now that there’s a vinyl/CD divide (most people don’t have record players any more, so albums that never made it to CD are basically inaccessible to the general public). It would be nice if every artist/record label made it a priority to preserve their recorded legacy, but many aren’t interested for various reasons (usually, finances would be the main reason). The two most likely replacements are bootleggers and mp3 bloggers, and my sympathies are with the latter since we don’t charge, we distribute worldwide, and our products don’t wind up supporting eBay’s bottom line. I do understand copyright law, but there comes a point where my desire to defend, for example, Hilly Michaels’s (or his record company’s) right to keep his product off the market loses out to the fact that a fantastic album has missed an entire music-buying generation. I find it hard to see that as a positive.
I would say "word" but that's so shopworn. Does anyone know what we're supposed to say now?

As the professor says, read the whole thing...

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