Saturday, August 21, 2004

Coffee and Cigarettes, MP3 Web Mix 3

It's the weekend, time for a Coffee and Cigarettes mix, Saturday edition, - or music to listen to while fixing your grinder and savoring the last Romeo y Julieta (found in a Wash DC NE hole-in-wall tobacco shop).

"Never, Never Gonna Give You Up" - Barry White ( buy it - iTunes) (found object - referring page ) - Barry R.I.P. This song plays in the background during the opening scenes of Bullet, so don't give me any Ally McBeal shit.

"All Along the Watchtower" - Neil Young/Chrissie Hynde, 9-20-2000 Live at Red Rocks (found object - referring page) - not a great recording but an inspired cover of Dylan's great song. Young lovers might want to check out Neil's latest album (soundtrack from the movie Greendale) which is java-streamed in its entirety on his website (select "listen") as I think its some of his best new work in years.

Charles Bukowski "the good hot beer shit" monologue (legal?- referring page) - not sure when this was recorded, probably in the '80s but it pretty much explains why Bukowski wrote and wrote and wrote....

"Human Beatbox (improv)" - RZA (found object - referring page) - a rap tribute to kung fu movies from the other Wu Tang Clan guy.

"Redemption Song" - Wyclef Jean (found object? legal? - referring page) - Wyclef covers the Bob Marley standard

"Ol' 55" - TRE FYReR (legal - referring page - band homepage) - Norwegian acoustic cover band plays a "nice" version of the Tom Waits' classic

Fine print: I've added in links to some of the songs at iTunes. Hey, only 99 cents and the money goes to starving musician widows and/or mistresses. If you must sample for free, "found objects" refer to MP3s found on the web on other people's web pages. "Legal" downloads, of course means a supposed copyright holder approved URL.

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