Monday, August 02, 2004

Howlin' Wuelf

Ain't Google grand? Just cruising around looking up info on my next posting (Divine Horsemen) and came across Howard Wuelfing's website of all things. Howard was a local DC area legend by the time I arrived in town, a writer, soon-to-be PR guy, producer and prolific band member appearing in more bands, mostly legendary ones, than you might know. You could often find him hanging out at Rockville's Yesterday and Today (R.I.P.) where other local luminaries also hung their knit caps. His fun page includes a listing of all the line-ups he was in (including 1/2 Jap, The Nurses and The Slickee Boys) and the other pages are full of stories, pics and reviews about all the people he's working with now - you might be surprised. It doesn't look like it gets updated much but worth checking out.

Anyway, give me a day or two and I'll have some new stuff up.

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