Saturday, August 28, 2004

Coffee and Cigarettes, Mix #4

This morning's mostly acoustic mix inspired by Brown Bunny, soon playing in your local mediaplex if it isn't already...

Beautiful - Cowboy Junkies - This cover of the Gordon Lightfoot song isn't on the soundtrack but Lightfoot is. (found object? encoded at 32 kbps - referring page, Junkies)

Milk and Honey - Nick Drake - The John Franks version appears on the soundtrack and he wrote it but here's Drake covering it with the sounds of the ocean in the background (found object? - referring page, Drake)

Falling - John Frusticante - Frusticante's acoustic compositions litter this roadtrip soundtrack and pretty much define the overall sound (found object - referring page, Frusticante - this is an awesome website for exploring his music and mind).

Leave all the days behind - John Frusticante - a vocal piece, reminds me of Joseph A.

I Don't Know - Kim Fields & October Skies - getting away from Brown Bunny and so long as we're doing the acoustic thing today, I thought I would slip this in from local western-tinged October Skies. I was their roadie one rainy day last April. This kinda reminds me of the opening theme from Firefly. (legal - referring page)

Pussy Train - The Nitlings. A trick on y'all. The first minute is acoustic but I couldn't resist a little rock and roll with my coffee. (legal - The Nitlings)

Wineboy - John Abram - nothing to do with Brown Bunny or even Pussy Train but a nice little trumpet piece to end things and go back to bed. (legal - John Abram, composer)

Update: You can buy the Japanese import Bunny CD here. It does not have Pussy Train on it.

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