Thursday, August 26, 2004

I sprung for the Galaxie 500 1987-1991 DVD set in some sort of impulse buy - most likely too much coffee or some sort of desire for early swoon-psyche-rock. Alas, this is a DVD where it matters if you have a home entertainment speaker system -- their music makes sense only when blasting (but not distorted blasting). I don't have such a luxury so I'm taking it over to a pal's house this weekend - someone who saw one of the shows included on the set. I guess I could wire it into my stereo but that's like too much fumbling with wires and moving furniture to be any fun. I guess my next TV (in say 20 years) will have to come with all those new-fangled woofer-tweeter speakers sets.

The two DVD collection includes their only videos -- "Tugboat", "When Will You Come Home", "Blue Thunder" and "Fourth of July" - nice lo-fi hand-held arty things. The liner notes are superb because they are basically done like a fanzine interview by someone who knows the band inside-out - James McNew (and suddenly fanzine and Yo La Tengo).

Anyway, an added incentive for ordering the DVD was the ureleased 7" that was to be included. But when the DVD arrived in the mail, a note said the 7" had been "delayed"... here's the apologia I received today:

hi there,

your 7” is finally on the way.

please allow me to apologize for the long wait.

this is the first time Plexifilm has pressed vinyl and considering we are a DVD company, almost exclusively replicating digital formats,
we certainly learned a thing or two about the analog world.

thank you for very much for the order, i hope you are enjoying the DVD and will enjoy the 7” as well.

if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

thank you – chris

** **** ****** ******** ********** *************
Chris Ronis
Director of Marketing
So. Heh. The consequences of a diminishing industrial base in vinyl pressing, I guess.

Previous posting on the subject

Finally, since this is supposedly a MP3 blog - here's a rather fine cover of Snowstorm by Langdon Auger


Jim H said...

On second thought I could just play it on my PC which is wired to the stereo but the picture is too small. whine, bitch wah...

howard said...

Hi, I've always been a sucker for galaxie500 - I've been listening to their 'uncollected' quite a bit lately on my daily commute into London.

Just came across your blog under the bloglines recommendations - I'm doing something similar with my 7" collection on, and with tapes that my sister and I exchanged on - the first is indietastic, the second a bit more cheesy.

I added you to my list of feeds.

Jim H said...

No shit - another Galaxie fan. I'll update my template and stick you in - site looks good, loved the Shellac cut - I missed them cuz I kinda quit listening to music for 10 years and just watched movies and shit. Oh, the 7" arrived -- beaut of a cover -- I'll scan it in at some point but hold off on MP3ing until I'm sure they've sold all their "units".