Saturday, August 14, 2004

Going around the block in 60 seconds:

Dateline: Louisiana. Johnny Rotten likes bugs?
An interesting snippet has been received from Jason, who works at Louisiana State University. "One of my students took part in an excavation at a local national forest, Kistachie, to observe Leaf-Cutter ants native to the region. The dig was filmed for the Discovery Channel and the host was none other than John Lydon. My student did not get to talk much with the celebrity, but she did get to observe his behavior, especially his interest in insects. The filmed segment should be broadcast in 2005."
Source: God Save the Sex Pistols

Dateline: San Pedro. Secrets of Double Nickels on The Dime Revealed

So on Double Nickels—well, that was a couple of jokes that no one got. Well, one joke was against Sammy Hagar, right? And one joke was on Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma, where each guy got a side [of the record]. So each of us have a solo song on Double Nickels. My solo song is “I’m Reading the Land Lady’s Note About the Tubs Leaking.” (According to the track listing for Double Nickels, the actual title is “Take 5”)

I have other guys playing guitar [on the track]—John Rocknowski (from Tragic Comedy), Joe Baiza (Saccharine Trust/Melcolodiacs/Universal Congress Of), because this is a solo song without D. Boon playing—ha ha, what a joke. And then I was reading the landlady’s note…when she’s talking about the shower and the water is coming through. I said to D Boon, “Is this real enough, D. Boon?” (laughs) Nobody got it, I was writing some abstract, surreal poem. It’s a fucking landlady joke. And no one got the thing about double nickels on the dime. It’s about doing the speed limit exactly.

Josh: On the 10 freeway? That’s what I always got from it.

Mike: The 110 freeway used to be called the 10. The Santa Monica freeway and the 110 is where we took the picture. It means exactly going 55 mph because Sammy Hagar had a record called “I Can’t Drive 55.” He had the red line through the 55, so we did it without the red line because we thought, “This guy is taking chances driving but his music is the tamest shit ever!” So we thought we’d go real crazy with the music and then drive real safe (laughs). It was like, nobody got it.

Source: Worldy Remains

Dateline: Vancouver. Warren Ellis Blogs From Global Frequency Set

Warren Ellis's comic book is being adapted for TV by the WB and he's on the set phone photo blogging the action for his Die Puny Humans. Vinyl Mine Worship Object Michelle Forbes (Homicide, Swimming With Sharks) is set to co-star and has slipped a mysterious CD-R under Warren's door. Filthy Monkey isn't just planning...

Dateline Manchester. The Fall's 24th Peel Sessions Online

The Fall Multimedia Project webpage has MP3s of their appearance on Thursday night here.

1. Clasp Hands, mp3, 6.36mb, 4.37 mins
2. Blindness, mp3, 8.98mb, 6.32 mins
3. What About Us? (Shipman), mp3, 8.00mb, 5.49 mins
4. Wrong Place, Right Time / I Can Hear The Grass Grow, mp3, 9.55mb, 6.57 mins
Hat tip to The Fall "Official" Website (Link to the right)

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Oh and a big melting vinyl thanks to Agony Shorthand, my fave music-only crit site for the generous mention. Not sure I can live up to the build-up but here's to ya.


Jason said...

Warren is one cool man. I am not sure which I am more proud of, Warren or Bob Mould noticing my website. I wish I could invite both over for dinner, except for Johnny. Speaking of Johnny, ever see him on that Judge Judy court tv show?

Jim H said...

Yea, the world is a better place knowing that Warren Ellis doesn't have to do a day job.